The Blue Planet

The gem of the Milky Way.

The only celestial body

proven to harbor life.

Hurdling through space at a

staggering 67,000mph

and spinning at roughly 1,000mph,

it’s hard to fathom that

you, me and everyone else are just

another speck along for the ride.

When we contemplate this

race around the sun

the same old question comes to mind

How Did It All Begin?

As with any question of origin,

the absolute truth may forever remain

a mystery. We must turn to the tidbits of

information hidden in the bones of our

magnificent mother. They lie hidden

in plain sight. You walk across thousands

of them every day.


The spine of all terrestrial planets.

So here it is.

From the land we walk on to

the air we breath.


Our own giant spinning rock.


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