The upright apes that rule the land.

It seems evolution has been kind to us.

With an estimated global population of

7.3 billion

there is no denying that natural selection has been in our favor so far.

We are the most advanced creatures known on planet Earth thanks to some uniquely human characteristics.

The most obvious being the ability to communicate by speaking to one another. Without spoken language we would not have the ability to communicate the knowledge of the past as thoroughly and descriptively as historians and story tellers have for thousands of years.

Speech is very important, but it is far from the only trait that has led to the rise of humanity. The opposable thumb and a large complex brain have led to the ability to use tools and make reasonable assertions of the situations we face in our daily lives.

So how did it begin? 

At what point did simple apes begin to develop the traits and abilities we consider distinctly human?

In this section I will go back in time and try to determine when this break in the usual cycle occurred and trace the human family tree back to it’s roots.

From the plains of Africa to the bar down the street.

This is Humanity.

Early Primates

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