What does it mean to be alive?

What fundamental processes define living?

The capacity  for growth, the ability to reproduce, being able to actively function, and the process of continual change proceeded by death.

It seems without all of these essential attributes an organism cannot truly be “alive” as we consider it today.

As any good scientist knows these conditions may one day be expanded or redefined.

The question I pose is not so much what as how? By this point I assume you know that there is no absolute proven solution to this question. Just like all questions of origin, lets face it, no one was here to see it so more than likely no one will ever be able to prove that their theory holds all the answers.

That being said, from here we must follow the trail of assumptions and “educated” guesses left by the greatest thinkers of all time.

Hold on to your atoms and lets begin our trip thru the primordial soup.

This is Life!

Archean Eon (4100-3800 Billion years ago)

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