Is it the savior of humanity or the root of our destruction?

Opinions vary

Its no secret that throughout human history much blood has been spilled in it’s name and countless lives have been lost due to religious extremism.

On the other side of the coin, Since the dawn of humanity millions of people worldwide have dedicated their lives to their religion of choice. Each believing that their particular faith holds the answers to spiritual salvation.

The question is who is right and who is damned to pay for their religious ignorance for eternity? This is a question much too big for this lowly wretch to begin to contemplate.

What I do intend to delve into are the known facts about the origins of numerous religions and their beliefs.

I will begin this section with the oldest known belief system and work my way forward in time.

I am in no way intending to prove, push, debunk, or disrespect any of the religious beliefs or followers discussed in this section.

If you are offended by any of the content discussed in this section I suggest you dry your eyes pull up your pants and go home. I don’t apologize to oversensitive crybabies and fools.

Paleolithic Religion



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