The Universe



 How did this thing we call time really get up and running? What caused space to become…well… space?

The truth is we will probably never know the answer to these two original questions. So, as an absolute proven “beginning” of everything cannot be established, I must draw from the “this & that’s” and “what ifs?” of the science community of our day.

More theories on this subject exist, ranging from the religious to the ridiculous, than I care to dabble into. So for the sake of saving time & space (pun intended) I will begin with the most widely accepted theory as of this writing.

13 .799 Billion Years Ago:

The Big Bang

The birth of our universe. It is believed that what we now know as time & space originated from a dense state with an extremely high temperature. This unknown singularity is thought to have expanded quickly creating all of the energy and matter ever known.

First Seconds

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