Madagascar Dolphins




A study presented on Oct. 28th to the  2016 “Society of Vertebrate Paleontology” meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah announced the discovery of the oldest known cetacean species (such as dolphins, whales, & porpoises) In the region around Madagascar.


In 2010 on the small island of Nosy Makamby found northwest of Madagascar, a single fossilized vertebra from a yet unnamed species, similar to modern river dolphins such as Amazon River or “Boto” dolphins & La Plata River or “Franciscana” dolphins, was unearthed.


Amazon River Dolphin


La Plata River Dolphin



The fossil, measuring 4in(10cm) in length & 2in(5.3cm) wide, is believed to have belonged to a creature around 5-6.5ft(1.5-2m) long & dates back between 5 & 9 million years ago.

Modern dolphins in the waters surrounding Madagascar include Humpback & Indo-Pacific Bottlenose dolphins.


Humpback Dolphin


Indo-Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin