Tongtianlong limosus


The Jiangxi Providence in southeastern China has proven to be a hotbed of prehistoric activity. Specifically in the Ganxian District, home of the Nanxiong Formation. Dating back to the Mesozoic Era (252-66mya), this formation alone has yielded at least ten individual extinct species, six of which are Oviraptoidae.


Oviraptoids were feathered, birdlike creatures characterized by their toothless beaks resembling those of modern parrots. Many sporting elaborate head crests.

Discovered by a crew of construction workers intending to build the foundation for a new high school, the latest addition to the oviraptoid family tree was nearly destroy before it ever saw the light of day. The powerful blast of dynamite deep in the bedrock that uncovered the forgotten beast unfortunately destroyed a portion of the rear of the specimen.

image_4355_2e-tongtianlong-limosusFound with it’s head & neck arched to the sky and it’s arms outstretched the donkey sized therapod appears to have met a muddy demise. Stuck to the neck up Tongtianlong limosus or “Mud Dragon on the Road to Heaven”, as it is loosely translated, seems to have spent it’s last frantic moments in a frenzied struggle for the freedom it would never achieve.


This large flightless, feathered beast had a dome shaped crest & likely ate shellfish, plants, nuts, & eggs.